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Amapola starts using Digitid

Amapola has started using Digitid to calculate allowances in Digitid


Employee management

People you choose to work with is the most important thing, why not manage them with Digitid and be sure to comply with GDPR


Get help to fill your schema with the right crew.

Roster import

If you get your rosters from Netline or Raido(Aviolinx) import it with ease.

Time reporting

People never enjoys time reporting so at least let’s make it fast and easy.


Report and upload receipts digitally.


Attest time/expenses

Highly configurable attest flow, auto-attest and other helpfull features.

Calculate salaries and other reimbursements

Doesn’t matter if you have complicated labor contract or union agreement or not calculation will be swift and correct.

Export to accounting system

You can easily export invoices, payrolls and all your other data.


You can easily generate invoices, send the physical or with e-invoicing/EDI.


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